Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Movie/The Book

The previous posts are still images from the award-winning documentary movie,
The movie is available from: http://oldfilm.org/. The book is available from:
A significant sequence from the movie and book was not included in these posts. The sequence documents the slaughter of a pig, and it's not a pretty site. Future posts may include the sequence.

There He Goes

Boy that is some good. Oh, there he goes. Walt

Living Alone

It’s not good for a man to live alone. You don’t notice it, and it grows so slowly on you. The longer you live alone the worse you get. You know I more or less pity an old bachelor that lived through life, never had a chick or child. When they get old, nobody cares whether they live or die. It’s kind of pathetic and it’s a sad story. Walt

No Fancy Casket

I don’t want no fancy casket when I die, cheapest one they got. That’s good enough. If fact if they just rolled you up in a piece of burlap you’d be just as well off. It don’t make no difference. You’re just gonna rot and that’s gonna be the end of it. Christ, they put you in a cement vault and you can’t replenish the ground that way. You stay in that vault and you ain’t done anybody any good. Bob

Great Mastermind

Great mastermind that created the universe. This old universe goes around, around and around. Year after year. Everything is fixed in its orbit. There’s no beginning and no end. You can’t conceive it, but our puny little brains can’t conceive much anyway. It’s uncanny when a man gets thinking of such things as that. That is one thing a man has no control over. Life, here today and gone tomorrow. I might drop dead before I get to the road, nobody knows. Walt

The Plan Of Nature

There is nothing wasted in the plan of nature. You take the forest here. These big trees grow up and fall down and die and make food for smaller trees. It’s a struggle for survival. The big trees crowd out the smaller trees. The strong survive and the weak die. That’s the plan of nature.
Now man has upset the balance where we keep the weak alive, the weak reproduce which give weaker species, and I think that’s one of our problems. If a man copied off the animals he would learn things. The only thing that will save the country is to get back to nature, and that’s all that can save the people. Walt


Well, they give you a wild feeling. You just want to take right off and fly away with them. If you could fly. Jesus Christ they just make you wilder than a hawk. You forget all about civilization. I always wanted to go up into northern Canada, right where those buggers go. There’s some country up there, somewhere. I know there is. You just let a flock of them fly over and you forget everything you’re doing. You just stand right there. There’s something about a bunch of geese honking. They set your blood all a tingling. Bob