Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Well, they give you a wild feeling. You just want to take right off and fly away with them. If you could fly. Jesus Christ they just make you wilder than a hawk. You forget all about civilization. I always wanted to go up into northern Canada, right where those buggers go. There’s some country up there, somewhere. I know there is. You just let a flock of them fly over and you forget everything you’re doing. You just stand right there. There’s something about a bunch of geese honking. They set your blood all a tingling. Bob

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w1xer said...

Bob hits the nail on the head here! I've felt exactly the same way in the spring or fall whenever the honkers are migrating. "They set your blood all tingling" Indeed! I wonder how many mid-life crises episodes this movie has inspired in us middle aged folks!