Sunday, March 16, 2008

Skinning Beaver

That’s where the work comes in. All that work catching ‘em and then you gotta skin ‘em. Walt

Sexual Intercourse Amoung Beavers

There’s one thing about these beaver, I don’t think anybody knows how they fuck. I always figured the female laid on her back same as human beings and the male beaver got right on to her. That’s debatable. Some think they do it the other way. The way they’re built I can’t see how. They have to get that big flat tail out of the way somewhere. I would think they done it in their houses. This business in the water I don’t think it would be half as good as it would be in a house in a nice dry bed. Bob

On Killing Beaver

Oh the poor animals, it ain’t good to kill ‘em, but they’ve got to be kept thinned down. Definitely as a man gets older he doesn’t enjoy killing because he knows his days are running out and he’s not going to live very long. I don’t think anybody actually enjoys killing. Walt