Friday, March 7, 2008

Finance Companies.

I’ve drove cattle ever since I’ve been old enough to hold an ox board in my hand. It’s just something you normally done, just like a kid learns to talk.
When you work with a team, you don’t hate yourself. You enjoy yourself. With me, I stuck with teams in the woods. A lot of ‘em laughed, but at the end of the week the money I had was mine. I put it in my pocket. I didn’t have to go pay a bank or finance company.
I’d turn the whole works back about 100 years. Throw the cars all out. Shut the factories all down. Put em all back on little farms again. Of course the people today wouldn’t enjoy that. You take my father, grandfather and all them. They didn’t have no worries, no hubbubs. Hell, today you get up in the morning fighting yourself. Hell, I’m going to be late to work. Everything’s a rush. They gotta get to work because they have a payment comin due on this, a payment coming do on that. Bob