Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Always Looking For A Girl

I’m always looking for a girl, but I ain’t found one that wants to live the way I want to live. If I could find a woman that likes the woods life, I wish she’d show herself up, but she’d have to prove herself. I mean I wouldn’t take her word for it. I mean she’d have to live with me and have an awful rough life. She wouldn’t have a spring bed under her every night. I’d tell her that. But if there’s a woman like that around, I’d be tickled to death to have one. But they gotta live my way. Bob

Two At A Time

You know we had an old shack when we were working up there in the Cornish lot. I used to go down and see this old girl. I say old girl, but shit, I guess she was seven or eight years younger than we were. Walt say Jesus, you’re gone two or three nights, how about taking me to get a little. Well, I said I’ll fix you up with one tonight. Walt said she’d never go for that with the both of us. I said don’t worry about that. He bet me a case of beer I couldn’t. We picked her up on an old woods road. Walter had that old panel with a bed in it. Well we kept her out all night and gave her quite a time. The only thing was, I won my case of beer, but Walter sat around and helped me drink it. Bob

Chasing Women

You know it’s cheaper for a man to be married and have only one or two kids than it is to have a whole bunch of women. You know it costs money to run around with these women. Just running and chasing. Just the gas money to run and see the darn things. It runs you into a dollar unless a man finds one of these women who pays the bills, but I never hit too many of them. Jesus Christ, it’s just like anything. It’s like buying a car. You can pay too much money for a car you know. It doesn’t matter what you buy. You can pay too much for a gun. I mean the price it cost just for the drinks you buy and to take ‘em out. Well, some of these women, it just ain’t worth it. Bob