Thursday, February 28, 2008

On Dentistry

Well dentists are all right but Jesus, they want seven and half, eight dollars to just pull one tooth.
Just to pull one tooth, and all it is, is just bango. One snap and the tooth comes right out. You can snap them right out. There’s nothing to it. Just hook right on to them give a good pull. I take a piece of copper wire, but sometimes you get a tooth so close together you can’t pry it apart.
But you get a piece of copper wire and you get it around the tooth, get a good slipknot on it. Put your head against something and bango snap it right out. It’s all over with.
Quicker than what a dentist would do. They grab it and they twist and pull. You know, they just don’t put the power on it. Might as well pull ‘em yourself. Bob

Bob and Walt/DVD and BOOK

It was 32 years ago when we watched a battered VW bus came chugging up the road towards us in West Forks, Maine. A smiling man descended and introduced himself as Walter Lane. We inquired about the smoke coming out of the stove pipe which stuck through the the VW’s window, and sure enough, he had a wood-burning stove in the bus. This was Walter’s current residence, and we thought that was really cool. It seemed a little tight to be burning wood, and subsequently we learned that this was not Walter’s first bus where he had taken up residence. There were others before this one, and they had all caught fire and were destroyed. We stood around talking, and soon realized that not only were the stories that Walter began telling most extraordinary, but he was an extraordinary person as well. After a while, and it didn’t take long, we discovered why Walter had stopped to visit with us. He had heard rumors of people who were from “away,” coming to Maine and cultivating marijuana for fantastic profits, and he believed that we had that special gardening know-how. Walter didn’t exactly move in with us, but he did park his bus next to the houses where we were living, and wherever he parked became his home. We conferred and decided that Walter Lane should be the subject of a documentary film. We broached the subject to Walter, and he almost laughed at the idea. Walter’s ideas of movies all came out of Hollywood. After assuring Walt that he would be an ideal subject for a movie, he agreed, but didn’t feel he could handle the whole thing himself. We assured him he could, but to accommodate Walt, we agreed to meet with his old sidekick and fast friend, Bob Wagg. It was love at first sight, if you could call it that. Bob was every bit as amazing as Walter, and the four of us embarked on an adventure that we would never forget, and our lives would be changed forever. Richard Searls and Stu Silverstein
Available from: www.http://breadhunter.com