Thursday, February 28, 2008

On Dentistry

Well dentists are all right but Jesus, they want seven and half, eight dollars to just pull one tooth.
Just to pull one tooth, and all it is, is just bango. One snap and the tooth comes right out. You can snap them right out. There’s nothing to it. Just hook right on to them give a good pull. I take a piece of copper wire, but sometimes you get a tooth so close together you can’t pry it apart.
But you get a piece of copper wire and you get it around the tooth, get a good slipknot on it. Put your head against something and bango snap it right out. It’s all over with.
Quicker than what a dentist would do. They grab it and they twist and pull. You know, they just don’t put the power on it. Might as well pull ‘em yourself. Bob

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